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by minus world

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Recorded in the long days between October 2010 and May 2011, our self-titled EP began life as a simple demo, but soon became a 5 song album when we started adding too much shit to it. Of course, it couldn't have been done without everyone you see in the credits, among whom are our closest friends, our brothers and sisters. Thanks for listening... we'll see you at the show!


released May 23, 2011

Produced by Chad Harrington

Minus World is Kat Williams and Jupiter M VV

All songs written and arranged by Jupiter

Except Slashes, written by Jupiter and Jordan Stephens

and Year of the Scientist, written by Jupiter and Brendan Rutherford

Recorded and Mixed by Chad at Sound Shelter Studio

Mastered by J. LaPointe at Archive Mastering

Vocals on Slashes by Bethany Fulde

Gang Vocals, claps, tambourines, bells and general chatter by Kat, Jupiter, Chad, Bethany, Kyle Kenney and Molly Warner

Art design by Jupiter

All songs copyright 2011 Berserker Lion Music Collective - www.berserkerlion.com




minus world Halifax, Nova Scotia

jupiter m vv
patrick murphy
bethany fulde

formed in 20XX


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Track Name: plug-in
... we played for eternity.
Do I recall having met another you?
Lights out, before it gets too bright...
Track Name: year of the scientist
You're all ways looking at your shadow,
all ways looking at your brothers' arms' length,
Listening to your best friend's favourite band.

Are you waiting for God to close her eyes?
Track Name: slashes
We're just kids,
we're just kids,
these arms are wood,
these legs are stilts,
our bodies are light,
but we fake it well,
and we drew our masks a little closer to Hell.
But we're just kids,
we're just kids.
Track Name: glass lion
... what if I asked you to stay?

What if I took you south, across these plains
if we pressed the Earth 'til naught remains
Our home is where the echo fades
and from our chest this compass sings
Oh I know it drives you mad
these flashing lights against the mountain span
Track Name: the artist, pt. II
Is my body a cage,
marrying all the world's stage?
Here's to Borrowed Black
and all you bleeding, mis-lead hearts!
And after all these years,
I'm just a flash in the pan.
A beast with a furious grin,
and the illusion of depth...